Project A06

Porous carbons by block-copolymer templating

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 PD Dr.  Stefan Naumann
PD Dr. Stefan Naumann
University of Stuttgart
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An approach based on N-heterocyclic olefins as novel organopolymerization catalysts is employed to synthesize triblock copolyethers in a highly controlled manner (ABA- and BAB-type, A = poly(ethylene oxide), B = poly(propylene oxide)). These copolymers will be used as tailored structure-directing agents to control the pore size of ordered mesoporous carbons resulting from a self-assembly process (targeted diameter: 2-10 nm). Variations in the degree of surface hydroxylation will then enable the independent assessment of the parameters “pore size” and “pore wall polarity” for catalysis. The introduction of functional groups exclusively inside pores will be realized by the application of macromolecular reagents.