Doctoral Defense of Felix Ziegler

On March 9th, 2022 Felix Ziegler defended his dissertation to earn his doctoral degree. Felix’s thesis incorporated his work on “Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Group 6 Alkylidene Complexes Con-taining N-Heterocyclic Carbenes”. Congratulations on your achievement. Best wishes for your career path! Felix contributed to project B02 – Olefin Metathesis. He was also active as … Read more

Data Science in Chemistry

The faculty of chemistry will offer a brand new key-competencies (SQ) module on “Data Science in Chemistry: Application and Best Practices”. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pleiss  will start lecturing those in the summer term 2022 for bachelor and master students and all doctoral researchers of the CRC 1333 are cordially invited to join! It will be … Read more

Equal Opportunity in CRC 1333

In the CRC 1333, we actively provide equal opportunities to excellent researchers, irrespective of their gender and we are especially committed to furthering the compatibility of family life and an academic career. An info letter on the equal opportunity program of the CRC 1333 has just been published in cooperation with the Pooling initiative of … Read more

Welcome Dr. Noor

Sadia Noor

We want to cordially welcome Dr. Sadia Noor as a visiting research scholar at our CRC. She will be part of project Seed 4 and project C2 working closely with Dr. Mark Ringenberg. We hope she has a fruitful stay here in Stuttgart with us and very much look forward to working with her.

Congratulations to Dr. Ringenberg

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Dr. Mark Ringenberg on successfully obtaining his habilitation with the title “Dinitrogen Splitting to form Molecular Nitrides”. He is the principal Investigator for Project C2 The static and dynamic electronic and geometric structure of multiprobe organometallic complexes in porous polymers and our Seed Funding Project 4 Intra/extraporous … Read more

Congratulations to Dr. Bruckner

Johanna Bruckner

We want to congratulate Dr. Johanna Bruckner for winning the Margarete von Wrangell Grant! Johanna is currently a scientific coworker in Project A4 and in the Seed Funding Project 3 – “Isotactic Pluronics” – A tool for the stabilization of micellar phases and advanced mesopore design. She conducts research and teaches at the Institute of … Read more

Female CRC Researchers Attended Individual Career Coachings

Since August 2021, we are able to offer individual career coachings to our female scientific staff members. This is part of the “Coaching Program” organized by the Pooling initiative  “Pooling – Synergies for Equal Opportunities” at the University of Stuttgart. Two female doctoral researchers of the CRC 1333, Karina Abitaev (project A7) and Carolin Rieg … Read more

Research Stay Abroad – Congratulations to Felix

CRC 1333 researcher Felix Fischer from project S1 has successfully applied for funding to do research in a laboratory in the USA. The CRC board approved his application for funding within the  CRC 1333-funding program for docotoral researchers “Research Stay Abroad”. Felix will be staying there for three months at the University of Rochester (Rochester, … Read more