2021, May 12

New CRC 1333 Young Researchers Colloquium

The CRC 1333´s newly established monthly PhD seminar starts on January 28, 2021 with the following topic: “Field evaporation and atom probe tomography of pure water tips” (Scientific Reports 2020, 10:20271) Presenting authors:       Kuan Meng (C3) Carolin Ai´Lan Dietrich (C4) Time:                              … Read more

Leadership Training: Working in (intercultural) Teams

An essential part of the CRC 1333 is the collaborative work in interdisciplinary teams. Which dynamics influence the workflow of such a team? What is a team as opposed to a random group of people? These were just some of the questions asked and answered during the workshop “Working in (intercultural) teams” on 13th October … Read more

Leadership Training: Leadership in Academic Hierarchies and Projects

On Monday 27. July 2020 the second workshop series on (Self-) Leadership for female scientists started. The 1-day seminar took place in the Hospitalhof in Stuttgart and as before Dr. Sabine Horst from QuinteSentio was our coach.We started by introducing ourselves and our understanding in leadership by choosing a picture which we associate with leadership. … Read more

CataLysis – CRC Network started off with an Online Conference

Jointly promoting catalysis research Researchers from Germany and Austria met for the first interdisciplinary conference of the CataLysis CRC-network  Catalysis initiates central processes of our entire life on earth – from enzyme catalysis in metabolic processes in all organisms to natural photosynthesis and the production of synthetics and environmentally friendly energy sources. Scientists in four Collaborative … Read more

New paper out in Organometallics

Want  to learn about the role of monomeric vs dimeric rhodium oxazolidinone norbornadiene complexes in asymmetric additions? Then read the newest CRC 1333 publication in Organometallics. Congratulations to the authors from projects A7, B1, B3, C2, C4, C7 and S1 for their great collaborative work!

Research Stay Abroad – Congratulations to Karina

Karina Abitaev

CRC 1333 researcher Karina Abitaev from project A7 has successfully applied for funding to do research in a laboratory in the USA. The CRC board approved her application for funding within the  CRC 1333-funding program for docotoral researchers “Research Stay Abroad”. She will be staying there for 4-5 months at the National Institute of Science and … Read more

CRC 1333 ELN – Users wanted!

The electronic lab notebook (ELN) of CRC 1333, Chemotion is up and running and has been used for a few months now successfully by our first test users Felix Ziegler (B2) and Mario Winkler (C2). Thank you to those two for testing and especially thank you to our CRC-Hiwi Fabian Zills for the implementation of … Read more

Corona-Update: CRC events

Due to the current situation we need to change the format of the following upcoming CRC events: Summer School 2020 – 21.-23.09.2020 “CataLysis” – CRC-Networking event – 30.09./01.10.2020 Status Meeting 2020 – 05.-07.10.2020 Currently business trips should be avoided and for meetings at University of Stuttgart only restricted numbers of participants are allowed. Therefore, all … Read more

Kick-Off (Self-)Leadership development program for female scientists

On Monday 27. July 2020 the Kick-Off event to our 2nd program on (Self-)Leadership for female scientists  took place. As before Dr. Sabine Horst from QuinteSentio is  leading the program. This module´s topic was:“Leadership in academic hierarchies and projects”. The next module will take place on 13. October 2020. It will be on “Collaboration, working in … Read more

Seed Funding – 2nd round – Congratulations to Mark Ringenberg and Niels Hansen

Dr. Mark Ringenberg and apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Niels Hansen successfully applied for funding in the second round of the CRC 1333 “Seed Funding” initiative. The “Seed Funding” initiative of CRC 1333 aims to establish new directions of research within the framework of the CRC 1333. Especially young researchers receive funding. Thereby, they can follow new … Read more