Equal Opportunity Program

In our CRC 1333, we actively provide equal opportunities to excellent researchers, irrespective of their gender and we are especially committed to furthering the compatibility of family life and an academic career.

In addition to the gender equality concept of the University of Stuttgart, the CRC 1333 has established its own guiding principles for gender and diversity.These were established early on, in February 2019, when project leaders of this CRC came together for discussions within the seminar “Gender Competence in Academia”.

Our activities include but are not limited to:

  • International Athena mentoring program for female researchers
  • Tailored workshops for the CRC 1333’s doctoral and post-doctoral researchers covering the spectrum from Leadership to Parent Coaching
  • Women in Science Career Talks with renowned female scientists from our field
  • Girls‘Day workshops for school girls
  • Parent-child room within the CRC 1333’s central building on Campus

As part of the Pooling we additionally offer:

  • Day care places for kids up to 3 years
  • Peer network for early career researchers
  • Media materials of female scientists as role models
  • Professional skills development program including workshops and coaching
Image CRC133 Day Care Children