ELN – General Info

The CRC 1333 Electronic Lab Notebook

Currently, most synthetic chemists still keep the main part of their laboratory records on paper. Members of CRC 1333 have the opportunity to use the electronic lab notebook Chemotion and can thereby keep all their daily records digitally in one place.

The open source software Chemotion is being developed by the working group of Stefan Bräse at KIT. It was designed for the digital recording of information on molecular samples and chemical reactions including all related data files.

Using it you can easily access your data, share it with collaborators and make it more easily findable. The CRC 1333 has implemented an individual installation of the software package for its members.

The CRC  1333 aims to have all key findings of its research recorded digitally in an ELN or repository by the end of the funding period. Additionally we hope to make daily recording of laboratory results easier and faster by the use of the ELN instead of paper records.

ELN Login CRC 1333

Please find more information about the login to the CRC 1333 version of Chemotion on this internal webpage.

Also Non-CRC 1333 members from University of Stuttgart are very welcome to use CRC1333-Chemotion. Please let us know if you are interested, so we can adjust our storage quota accordingly.