Sabine Laschat at ILLC 2024

CRC 1333 Principal Investigator Prof. Sabine Laschat will represent the CRC 1333 and the University of Stuttgart as a research location in an invited talk at the 29th International Liquid Crystal Conference in Rio de Janeiro. The conference will take place from July 21 to July  26, 2024 and the title of Prof. Laschat’s talk … Read more

Elite Academy for Chemistry and Material Science – Experimental Lecture Estes Group: “CO2 Chemistry: How to Close the Carbon Cycle”

How can the billions of tons of CO2 in the atmosphere be removed? What are the available solutions, and which are the best? In an impressive session at the Elite Academy for Chemistry and Materials Science, CRC 1333 Principal Investigator Jun.-Prof. Deven Estes explained to a packed room how the carbon cycle can be closed … Read more

MAICoS: A Toolkit for the Molecular Analysis of Interfacial and Confined Systems

On September 28,  2023, CRC 1333 researcher Henrik Jäger and CRC 1333 Principal Investigator Alexander Schlaich, both from project A03, gave a toolkit showcase talk at this year’s MDAnalysis User Group Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The topic of their  talk was “MAICoS: A Toolkit for the Molecular Analysis of Interfacial and Confined Systems”.  The toolkit … Read more

Talk of Kuan Meng at APT & M Conference in Leuven, Belgium

On September 20,  2023, CRC1333 researcher Kuan Meng from project C03 gave a talk at this year’s APT& M Conference in Leuven, Belgium. The topic of his talk was “Cryo Atom Probe Tomography Studies of 5CB, 8CB Liquid Crystals”.    The APT&M conference, which took place from September 17-21, 2023 is a major international forum … Read more

Talk of Prof. Sabine Laschat at OMCOS 2023 in Vancouver, Canada

On July 27, 2023, CRC1333 project leader Sabine Laschat from projects A08 and B03 gave a talk at this year’s OMCOS XXI conference in Vancouver, Canada. The topic of her talk was “Asymmetric Rh Diene Catalysis under Liquid and Solid Confinement – When Polarity, Domain Size and Flexibility Matter”.   OMCOS XXI, which took place from July … Read more