Research Stay Abroad – Congratulations to Torsten

CRC 1333 researcher M. Sc. Torsten Giess from our project INF has successfully applied for funding to do research in South Africa. The CRC board approved his application for funding within the CRC 1333 funding program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers “Research Stay Abroad”. Torsten will be staying there for two months at Stellenbosch University … Read more

“Summer” School 2023

CRC 1333 “Summer” School 2023 took place from March 01 to March 03, 2023 in a snowy setting in Schwangau. Our Doctoral Representatives Zarfishan Dilruba (A08) and Kuan Meng (C03) organized the meeting in this marvelous setting and we all enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the Outward Bound seminar house “Adlerhorst” and the magnificent views … Read more

FAIR4Chem Award stays in CRC 1333…

Congratulations to our CRC 1333 winners Dr. Johanna Bruckner, Charlotte Vogler and Dr. Stefan Naumann as well as to the Daumann group! The prize by @NFDI4Chem acknowledges the FAIRest datasets in chemistry. We are proud to be successful the 2nd time after 2022!   News Article: “Predictive design of ordered mesoporous silica with well-defined, ultra-large mesopores”  … Read more

Uni Stuttgart is member of NFDI4Chem

Since October 2022, the University of Stuttgart is member of NFDI4Chem, the Chemistry Consortium in the National Research Data Infrastructure Germany. In the framework of the Cluster of Excellence SimTech and the Collaborative Research Center 1333, we develop and apply together with experimentalists specific solutions for data acquisition, analysis, and storage in chemical and biochemical … Read more

Kristyna Pluhackova (A08) acquires funding to use Supercomputer in Erlangen

To enable large multiscaling molecular dynamics simulations of molecular transport in nanoporous materials CRC 1333 project leader Dr. Kristyna Pluhackova (A08) has acquired computer time for the next three years at the Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU). The computer time is essential for simulations of doctoral researcher Sofia Kolin within project A08 of the … Read more

CRC 1333 at “Tag der Wissenschaft 2022”

On June 25, 2022,​ @Universität Stuttgart opened its laboratory doors to the general public for “Tag der Wissenschaft 2022”.  CRC 1333 researchers explained the relevance of our research and our general ideas. Additionally, we could show a fun-experiment on the materials properties of thermoplastics. A compact disc, fabricated from the thermoplastic polycarbonate can be easily … Read more

CRC 1333 receives funding for its second funding period 2022-2026

The German Research Foundation (DFG) granted the SFB 1333 funding for a 2nd period of another four years. The Collaborative Research Center is based at the University of Stuttgart and has additional projects at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and at the Universities of Paderborn, Marburg and Bochum.

Doctoral Defense of Felix Ziegler

On March 9th, 2022 Felix Ziegler defended his dissertation to earn his doctoral degree. Felix’s thesis incorporated his work on “Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Group 6 Alkylidene Complexes Con-taining N-Heterocyclic Carbenes”. Congratulations on your achievement. Best wishes for your career path! Felix contributed to project B02 – Olefin Metathesis. He was also active as … Read more