Seed Funding – 2nd round – Congratulations to Mark Ringenberg and Niels Hansen

Dr. Mark Ringenberg and apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Niels Hansen successfully applied for funding in the second round of the CRC 1333 “Seed Funding” initiative. The “Seed Funding” initiative of CRC 1333 aims to establish new directions of research within the framework of the CRC 1333. Especially young researchers receive funding. Thereby, they can follow new … Read more

Summer School 2019

The Summer School of SFB 1333 “Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis in Confined Geometries“, took place in Ellwangen at the Tagungshaus Schönenberg from Monday September 30th to October 2nd 2019. This provided the opportunity to increase the knowledge on catalyst design in general as well as network with other PhD students and to strengthen the collaboration between the interdisciplinary research fields of CRC 1333.


After the arrival on Monday, the PHD students presented their research projects in several sessions spread over the three days. In order to enrich the discussion of these PHD students, two lectures were given by guest speakers. Prof. Dr. Vera Meynen from the Department of Chemistry, University of Antwerp, Belgium, gave a lecture titled “Introduction to catalyst design” on Monday.


On Tuesday this was followed by a lecture by Prof. Dr. Vera Krewald, Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Darmstadt, who focused on “Elucidating Catalysis with Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Spectroscopy”. The program overview can be found here.

Felix Ziegler

Karina AbitaevBeyond the exchanges on the professional level, the Summer School provided social activities like a wine tasting, a walk to the castle of Ellwangen and a games night with a quiz that was prepared by the two doctoral speakers Marc Schnierle and Mario Winkler. On the last day the event closed with the election of new speakers, Karina Abitaev and Felix Ziegler who are now in charge of organizing  meetings  and activities on PhD and Postdoc Level for one year. You can contact them by email doktorandenvertretung.sfb1333[at]

Presentation of CRC 1333 at the “Tag der Wissenschaft”

This year´s theme for the “Tag der Wissenschaft” of University of Stuttgart was “Smart and Clever”. Also the CRC 1333 was presented to the interested public and potential future scientists. We thank all employees and visitors that made a successful “Tag der Wissenschaft” possible! Impressions from the “Tag der Wissenschaft”:      

Leadership Seminars for Female Scientists

The Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) 1333 of University of Stuttgart together with the Athena FKF group offer a seminar series on leadership for scientists. The main target group are female scientists. The seminars will be held by Dr. Sabine Horst from the coaching agency Quintesentio (link). Additional topics will follow in 2020 according to feedback of Athena … Read more

New Publication: Asymmetric Catalysis in Liquid Confinement

Congratulations to the groups of Prof. Laschat (Project B3) and Prof. Sottmann (Project A7) who have just published their newest results in Chemistry – A European Journal. “Asymmetric Catalysis in Liquid Confinement: Probing the Performance of Novel Chiral Rhodium Diene Complexes in Microemulsions and Conventional Solvents” M. Deimling, M. Kirchhof, B. Schwager, Y. Qawasmi, A. … Read more

Status Meeting 2019 in Schloss Döttingen

On 01.-03. April 2019 the CRC 1333 held its first status meeting in Schloss Döttingen in the countryside eastern of Heilbronn. We all enjoyed the productive meeting with talks and posters, vivid duscussions and connecting during bowling and table football.  Here you can find the program of the meeting. A special thanks goes to our  … Read more

Video: Women in Science in CRC 1333 – Jun. Prof. Maria Fyta


Jun.- Prof. Maria Fyta is one of the principal investigators of project C06. Within the CRC 1333 she  works on simulations of materials properties and processes on various scales. We have asked her in this short video to tell us about her experiences pursuing an academic career in physics as a woman. Furthermore, she tells us … Read more

Grand opening of the CRC 1333 scientific colloquium series

Renowned speakers from catalysis and simulation sciences presented their work at the Opening Colloquium of CRC 1333 on 22. October 2018 at the University of Stuttgart. After an opening address by Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfram Ressel, rector of the University of Stuttgart, the spokesperson of the CRC 1333, Prof. Michael R. Buchmeiser shortly presented the CRC´s … Read more

CRC 1333 receives funding for its first funding period 2018-2022

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More productive and selective catalysts are the objective of the new Collaborative Research Center 1333 at the University of Stuttgart, which the German Research Foundation (DFG) approved in its senate session on 17th May 2018. The DFG will provide funding for the next four years to enable scientists from catalysis, materials sciences, physics, simulation sciences … Read more