Video: Women in Science in CRC 1333 – Jun. Prof. Maria Fyta

Jun.- Prof. Maria Fyta is one of the principal investigators of project C06. Within the CRC 1333 she  works on simulations of materials properties and processes on various scales. We have asked her in this short video to tell us about her experiences pursuing an academic career in physics as a woman. Furthermore, she tells us … Read more

Grand opening of the CRC 1333 scientific colloquium series

Renowned speakers from catalysis and simulation sciences presented their work at the Opening Colloquium of CRC 1333 on 22. October 2018 at the University of Stuttgart. After an opening address by Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfram Ressel, rector of the University of Stuttgart, the spokesperson of the CRC 1333, Prof. Michael R. Buchmeiser shortly presented the CRC´s … Read more

CRC 1333 receives funding for its first funding period 2018-2022

More productive and selective catalysts are the objective of the new Collaborative Research Center 1333 at the University of Stuttgart, which the German Research Foundation (DFG) approved in its senate session on 17th May 2018. The DFG will provide funding for the next four years to enable scientists from catalysis, materials sciences, physics, simulation sciences … Read more