Welcome Dr. Noor

Sadia Noor

We want to cordially welcome Dr. Sadia Noor as a visiting research scholar at our CRC. She will be part of project Seed 4 and project C2 working closely with Dr. Mark Ringenberg. We hope she has a fruitful stay here in Stuttgart with us and very much look forward to working with her.

Congratulations to Dr. Bruckner

Johanna Bruckner

We want to congratulate Dr. Johanna Bruckner for winning the Margarete von Wrangell Grant! Johanna is currently a scientific coworker in Project A4 and in the Seed Funding Project 3 – “Isotactic Pluronics” – A tool for the stabilization of micellar phases and advanced mesopore design. She conducts research and teaches at the Institute of … Read more

Female CRC Researchers Attended Individual Career Coachings

Since August 2021, we are able to offer individual career coachings to our female scientific staff members. This is part of the “Coaching Program” organized by the Pooling initiative  “Pooling – Synergies for Equal Opportunities” at the University of Stuttgart. Two female doctoral researchers of the CRC 1333, Karina Abitaev (project A7) and Carolin Rieg … Read more

Pooling Workshop: “Gender and Diversity Competence”

On Wednesday, October 06, 2021, the university-wide initiative “Pooling – Synergies for equal opportunities” invited to a workshop on “Gender and Diversity Competence”. All researchers and equality officers of collaborative research networks at the University of Stuttgart could participate. For the CRC 1333, Dr. Johanna Bruckner (group leader, Seed 3) and Shima Hemati (CRC1333 Management … Read more

Resilience in Academia – Part 2


In context of the Corona pandemic and the challenges encompassed by the changes in work enviroment and personal situation, the CRC 1333 started a peer coaching program on resilience in academia for female scientists in 2020. From the end of May through the beginning of September, 2021 this program was suceeded with a second round … Read more

Best Master´s Thesis Award

Best Masters Thesis

During the Minisymposium 2021, we ceremoniously awarded Katrin Gugler with the “CRC 1333 – Best Master´s Thesis” of the first funding period. Her work on “Simulation of Rh-catalyzed asymmetric arylation reaction mechanisms” also found it’s way into a pubilcation of Organometallics. Once again: congratulations, Katrin! Today, she is a doctoral researcher in the Kästner Group … Read more

Group Seminar: Who am I when and where?

During two half-day sessions on April 13th and April 29th, 2021 our female doctoral researchers had a chance to have the online group seminar: Who am I when and where? The Challenge of Acting in Different Roles: Mindful (Self-)Leadership. During the seminar, participants discussed the different roles they take on for others and which expectations … Read more

Resilience in Academia – Part 1


As part of the skills development training offered for female doctoral researchers,  the workshop program “Resilience in Academia” took place from mid-August to mid-November, 2020. The goal of the workshops was to build resilience in the participants, to provide them with skills and strategies that enable them to deal with crisis situations. These strategies were … Read more

Leadership Training: Working in (intercultural) Teams

An essential part of the CRC 1333 is the collaborative work in interdisciplinary teams. Which dynamics influence the workflow of such a team? What is a team as opposed to a random group of people? These were just some of the questions asked and answered during the workshop “Working in (intercultural) teams” on 13th October … Read more