Project B01

H₂-autotransfer catalysis

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Professor Dr. Bernd Plietker
Professor Dr. Bernd Plietker
TU Dresden
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In project B1 a (NNNN)Ru-complex will be linked to the inner pore-wall of materials from projects A1-A4 and A6. The catalytic performance of the hybrid materials will be analyzed as a function of pore diameter, shape, and geometry versus linker lengths and hydrophilicity of the material. H2-autotransfer catalysis processes are intercepted transferhydrogenation processes; hence, an acceleration of the interception process, i.e. the condensation between ketone and amine, through fine-tuning of all the aforementioned parameters is expected. Cooperations with PIs from spectroscopy and theory (projects C1-C6) will aid to understand pore-specific confinement effects on H2-autotransfer catalysis.