Research Program

To achieve our goals, we will develop new materials (Area A), create and employ hybrid catalyst-support materials (Areas A and B), as well as study and model the materials and catalytic processes (Area B and C). Accordingly, our research program is structured in three areas.

Area A – Materials

Materials scientists will create tailor-made, highly defined mesoporous support materials and develop pore-selective anchoring procedures to make a broad range of catalyst support hybrids available.

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Area B – Catalysis

Chemists from the field of catalysis will modify known organometallic catalysts for anchoring them within the pores of the solid supports and probe confinement effects of the catalyst-support hybrids.

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Area C – Analysis, Theory and Simulation

Physical chemists will employ new and highly specialized physical techniques to examine the mesoporous materials and catalyst-support hybrids in great detail. Theoreticians will build upon these results and model the processes within the pores.

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