Research Stay Abroad – Congratulations to Marina

CRC 1333 researcher Marina Fuhrer from project B1 has successfully applied for funding to do research in a laboratory in Canada. The CRC board approved her application for funding within the  CRC 1333-funding program for docotoral researchers “Research Stay Abroad”.

Marina will be staying there for three months at the University of British Columbia (UBC, Vancouver, Canada) in the working group of Prof. Dr. Derek Gates.

Prof. Dr. Derek Gates is a chemist who combines the versatile fields of inorganic and polymer chemistry as well as materials sciences and catalysis. In the past years they developed multidentate ligands like achiral phosphaalkene-pyridine and phosphinidene ligands as well as enantiomerically pure phosphaalkene-oxazoline and phosphalkene-imine ligands.

Marina aims to learn the synthesis of the different phosphaalkene ligands as well as the corresponding complex synthesis. Moreover, standard working techniques of this group having experience in inorganic chemistry, complex synthesis and also materilas scineces will be part of the planned stay.

We wish Marina all the best for her research in Canada!