From School to Studies – Career Orientation Internships at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Stuttgart

From April 24 until April 28, 2023, the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Stuttgart opened its doors and welcomed 13 teenagers for their so called “BOGY-internships”. “BOGY”-internships are voluntary 1-week internships that serve for career orientation of pupils in grade 10 of Gymnasium. At the Faculty of Chemistry, home faculty to more than half of our project leaders in CRC 1333, we welcome a group of pupils twice a year and are very happy to take this opportunity for presenting chemistry research and study programs to teenagers that are about to choose their individual core subjects in year 11.

This year´s BOGY-week was kicked-off by a presentation from Prof. Dr. Thomas Sottmann, Dean of the Chemistry Teaching Program and Project Leader of Project C08 of the CRC 1333. He presented an overview of the BOGY week at the faculty of chemistry and the study programs of chemistry. Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp, Senior Advisor International Affairs (SAIA) and Office of the Assistants to the Rector added insights on the University of Stuttgart in general, its international importance and great ranking position, the work of the Excellence Clusters and Collaborative Research Centers, and the many advantages that the University of Stuttgart has to offer potential students.  

Prof. Dr. Thomas Sottmann/Photo Credit: CRC1333          
Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp/Photo Credit: CRC1333          

The program included a mixture of lectures and hands-on activities with the goal to give the students a solid introduction to all Institutes and the possibilities to study Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart.

BOGY internship timetable

In lectures and experimental sessions in different laboratories, the teenagers could gain knowledge in all areas of chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. They learned about polyurethane foams at the Institute of Polymer Chemistry, synthesis of banana oil at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and coffee extraction at the Institute of Technical Chemistry. Further, beta-carotene absorption was introduced at the Institute of Physical Chemistry and solid-state chemistry at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, to name a few examples.

Photo Credit: University of Stuttgart

Some highlights stated by the BOGY students:

 “I enjoyed the experiments, the lectures, the people, and the variety of courses offered in the many different areas.”

“I liked that we got insights into the different institutes, were often allowed to work ourselves, but also attended lectures. I also found the many conversations with the students and doctoral candidates very interesting.”

More info can also be found in previous BOGY reports (in German language) here and here.