Female CRC Researchers Attended Individual Career Coachings

Since August 2021, we are able to offer individual career coachings to our female scientific staff members. This is part of the “Coaching Program” organized by the Pooling initiative  “Pooling – Synergies for Equal Opportunities” at the University of Stuttgart.

Two female doctoral researchers of the CRC 1333, Karina Abitaev (project A7) and Carolin Rieg (project C1) have now started out and made use of this offer to find orientation for their career planning, following their – soon to be finished – doctoral research.

Individual career coachings with Choreoo have the following structure:

As a basis for the online coaching, coachees have to complete a state-of-the-art test procedure on their career preferences. This is the Talent Q ‘Dimensions’ test from the renowned provider Korn Ferry. This test takes about 30 minutes to complete. The result of the test provides them with feedback on personal attitudes in the areas of ‘people and work relationships’, tasks and projects’ and ‘motives and feelings’. This procedure is designed to be highly job-related. At the same time it does not evaluate in terms of strengths or weaknesses – rather it maps preferences against the background of the answers of thousands of other people.

In the compact coaching it is used as a basis to discuss plans and individual professional perspectives.

On the basis of the results of the online survey, they will then have a personal, confidential, online coaching conversation lasting about two hours. They will receive the results report at the beginning of the conversation with their coach. Together, they go through the results and look at the current professional situation and experiences. They then look ahead and make plans to shape the next professional phase.

Both of our coachees agreed in the end, to have taken away important insights on possible professions based on their prefenreces that they can pay attention to in their future job selection.