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May 16, 2024

CRC 1333 Minisymposium on "Catalysis under Confinement"

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Minisymposium "Catalysis under Confinement"


16.05.2024 | Lecture Hall 2D5 – MPI

CRC1333 Minisymposium

CRC 1333 MINISYMPOSIUM “CATALYSIS UNDER CONFINEMENT“ The Collaborative Research Center 1333 – “Molecular heterogeneous catalysis in confined geometries” started in July 2018. We aim to identify and understand…

25.04.2024 | Universität Stuttgart Campus Vaihingen

Girl’s Day 2024

Every year, Girl's Day offers girls and those who identify as girls the opportunity to get a taste of careers in which women tend to be underrepresented. The…

22.04.2024 | via WebEx video conference

Milestone Presentation – M. Sc. Jan-André Böth

The milestone presentation of the CRC 1333 - Integrated Research Training Group will be held by Jan-André Böth from Department of Chemistry Philipps University of Marburg. Monday, April…

18.04.2024 | Lecture Hall 55.02

CRC 1333 Colloquium: Prof. Bernd Flemisch

We are very happy to welcome within the CRC 1333 Colloquium Series: Prof. Bernd Flemisch Thursday, April 18, 2024, 2:00-3:00 pm IWS, University of Stuttgart Topic: "A Sustainable Infrastructure…

15.04.2024 | Seminar room of the Institute for Computational Physics 1.079

Milestone Presentation – M. Sc. Henrik Stooß

The milestone presentation of the CRC 1333 - Integrated Research Training Group will be held by Henrik Stooß from Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science University of Stuttgart. Monday,…

11.04.2024 | Seminar Room 4.361

CRC 1333 Graduate Seminar

"Recent Advances in Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with Molecular Catalysts“ Dr. Sanchaita Dey, Prof. Sarkar Seminar by Project Project C02- Porphyrinoids & pyridyl-carbenes This seminar provides a regular forum…

10.04.2024 | Seminar Room 7.163

CRC 1333 Graduate Seminar

"Organizational Session“ on Minisymposium 2024 and „Tag der Wissenschaft“ This seminar provides a regular forum for exchange in the doctoral and postdoctoral community of the CRC 1333 and…

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