Who am I when and where? – The challenge of acting in different roles: mindful (self-)leadership 2/2

8:30 am – 12:00 pm


During two half-day sessions on April 13th and April 29th, 2021 participants have a chance to have the online group seminar: Who am I when and where? The Challenge of Acting in Different Roles: Mindful (Self-)Leadership.

Leadership starts with the clarity of roles. Participants learn to clarify their own roles in different situations and how to actively shape those:

  • Who am I and who do I want to be? What are my – formal and informal – responsibilities but also limits of what I am in charge of?
  • Colleagues and friends: What are my and other people´s expectations and how do we develop a common understanding?
  • What are my action patterns, with which success and effect on others?
  • What is the relation between my inner attitude and mindset and my external impact?

In this module the participants are offered different perspectives for their self-reflection regarding leadership and self-leadership. With feedback from others they can check the mcorrespondence of their self-image and the image of others. In this way, each participant can set their own personal development goals and learn methods for this development. Methods are such as invitations for self-reflection, mindfulness, feedback, dealing with complexity and pressure etc.