Summer Special: Coaching Day



For some, the perhaps somewhat quieter summertime offers a good opportunity to sort
out and address one or two concerns. And perhaps a sparring partner is a meaningful
and effective help here to reflect on things and get things moving.

Book one of only five
90-minute impulse coaching sessions with Dr. Sabine Horst

Normally, a professional coaching process takes place over several sessions (at least 3
sessions). Impulse coaching offers support for self-reflection, solution finding, change
of perspective or orientation in case of concrete practical concerns in a single session
(90 minutes).

You are welcome to use the impulse coaching as a “taster coaching” to get to know the
method. And sometimes the application of coaching methods in a single session can
have a strengthening and supporting effect – in the form of an impulse that solves or
clarifies something.

You may address a broad range of specific topics (work-life-balance, role clarification, selfcare, professional or leadership issues, writer’s block, conflicts at work, …). At the beginning
of the session you‘ll clarify the possible goal in this particular coaching with the coach.

You can find an overview of coaching offers here.

For bookings and further information please get in touch with:
Sabrina Schopf | 0711 685-84024 | pooling[at]