Open Mind – Better Science. How to tackle Unconscious Bias

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

via Zoom conference
CRC 1333
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Lecturer: Sabine Mariß

Do you want to…
…make better use of your logical brain?
…prevent overlooking valuable potentials in situations and people?
…better promote diversity, equality and inclusion?
…foster a positive, respectful team spirit, knowing that this will boost excellent performance?

Science has proven that humans have numerous perception filters to help coping with a highly complex world. Once useful for survival, they now often appear in the form of unconscious biases, thus hindering an objective, clear and benevolent view.
Affinity bias, age bias, height bias, gender bias – there are many areas where bias can occur, leading to the categorization and misjudgment of people and situations.
The consequences can be extremely negative for a work group and for individuals: Valuable opportunities go unrealized, team members’ performance and well-being suffer, innovation is obstructed.

In this hour-and-a-half interactive workshop, you get an overview of what bias is, how it can manifest itself, and what you can do to minimize its negative effects.
The workshop will include theoretical inputs, group discussion and interactive elements.

An additional half hour for more in-depth discussion with interested parties may be provided.

After the Workshop this group will continue as an open forum to discuss and to share information on the topic of unconscious bias and how to best handle ist in science and academia.


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