Milestone Presentation – M. Sc. Carolin Ai´Lan Dietrich

4:00 pm

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CRC 1333
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The next SFB 1333 milestone presentation will be held by Carolin Ai´Lan Dietrich.

Tuesday, 24. November 2020, 4:00 pm

Topic: Simulation of Atomic Probe Tomography Experiments

via WebEx video conference

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Project C04 – Simulation of chemical reactivities
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Johannes Kästner
Second Supervisor: Prof. Sabine Laschat

Milestone Presentations are an intermediate evaluation of the doctoral project that takes place 18 months at the latest after the admission as a doctoral student. It consists of an oral update and a subsequent oral technical discussion. The talk (30 min) and the oral technical discussion are held in the presence of the Supervisor(s) and an additional examiner (preferably the second supervisor).

All CRC members are welcome to attend.