Leadership Training: Online Series on “Mindset and Inner Work”

8:00 am – 10:00 am

Online Event
Virtual meeting platform

Module: Online Series on “Mindset and Inner Work”

Lecturer: Dr. Sabine Horst

Mastering challenges and demanding situations and remaining stable in stressful situations requires special skills. Especially in crisis situations. This ability to remain physically and mentally healthy under long-term stress is known in psychology as resilience. These skills are therefore important (self-)leadership skills. They can be learned and developed.Resilience has been a well-researched field since the 1950s. This scientific research has shown that various factors contribute to resilience. It is therefore obvious that personal resilience development should be aligned with these factors. For this program we work with a model consisting of 7 factors, each of which represents the focus topics of the individual modules.

Dates – always Wednesdays, 08.00-10.00 am:

  1. 10th April – Kick-Off, Introduction to Resilience
  2. 8th May – Acceptance
  3. 5th June – Taking Personal Responsibility
  4. 3rd July – Optimism
  5. 31st July – Goal Orientation
  6. 16th October – Future-Orientation
  7. 13th November – Networking and Social Relationships
  8. 11th December Self-Efficacy

The workshop will take place in English.

All female CRC 1333 scientists are cordially invited.

The link for registration will be provided by e-mail.