Leadership Training: Collaboration, working in (intercultural and virtual) teams

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Entwicklungsraum Stuttgart
70176 Stuttgart

Module:  Collaboration, working in (intercultural and virtual) teams

Coach: Dr. Sabine Horst

Relevant professional situations:

Collaborating with others, working in teams is essential to participants´ professional environment. This applies e.g. to research projects, publication of papers, applications for external funding, representing the university, individual career development etc.

Participants learn about and understand team structures and dynamics, self-organizing principles, performing and non-performing phases, explicit and implicit rules, team building, personality types and motivational factors. They develop an understanding of their own roles and responsibilities as leader or person in charge. Participants enhance their competencies, skills and scope of action within team cooperations. Another focus is the cooperation in intercultural (including interdisciplinary) teams. Participants learn to regard disciplines as different cultures, to identify potential and to apply intercultural competencies to effective and susccessful team work focusing on synergies.

All female CRC scientists are cordially invited.

Please find more information on the (Self-)Leadership development program for female scientists here.