Leadership Training: Leadership in Academic Hierarchies and Projects

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Hospitalhof, Andreae-Raum
Büchsenstraße 33
70174 Stuttgart

Module: Leadership in academic hierarchies and projects

Coach: Dr. Sabine Horst

Relevant professional situations: E.g. holding a position / superior function within an academic
hierarchy, being in charge of project management/project teams, being supervisor, career
planning, representing the university / department … externally (confences, international
collaborations …)
Participants develop their indivual leadership understandig, they learn to differentiate between
functions and roles and how to actively and adequately change and take over roles. They learn
about expectation management, tasks and duties, the application of leadership instruments,
methods and techniques and experience them in practice-oriented cases. They develop an
awareness for the relevance of self-leadership according to the QuinteSentio 4 C-Model (Clarity,
Contact, Competence, Condition) as basis for leading others.

All female CRC scinetists are cordially invited.

Please find more information on the (Self-)Leadership development program for female scientists here.