Diversity-Training, Workshop – „Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Universities”

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Universität Stuttgart Campus Vaihingen

Lecturer: Melanie Bittner

In recent years, diversity has become a topic that almost all universities in Germany are addressing. The fact that diversity concepts and measures are no longer just nice-to-have has been clear since 2022 at the latest, when the German Research Foundation (DFG) announced that it was expanding its „research-oriented equality standards“ to „research-oriented equality and diversity standards“. But what exactly is meant by the theoretically very open term diversity? What do we currently know when it comes to data about diversity or – in comparison with society as a whole – the lack of it? And what does diversity have to do with you as an individual and as an employee of the University of Stuttgart?

What to expect:

  • This workshop will provide you with professional knowledge on the topic but will also make aspects of diversity tangible through exercises.
  • We will explore the range of actions available to individual employees using case studies and engage in a discourse on the practical implementation of organizational development.
  • The workshop emphasizes diversity dimensions tied to social discrimination and privilege. To foster constructive discussions on these sometimes delicate issues the principle of being error-friendly will be explained and
  • Please allow 20-30 minutes for individual preparation for the workshop. You will receive instructions no later than one week before the workshop.