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May 16, 2024

CRC 1333 Minisymposium on "Catalysis under Confinement"

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Minisymposium "Catalysis under Confinement"

CRC Colloquium – Prof. Angelika Brückner

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Online Event
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We are very happy to welcome within the CRC 1333 Colloquium Series:

Angelika Brückner
Professor of the Leibniz-Institut for Catalysis
at the University of Rostock

Topic: Special sites in special environment – How to create and identify active species in heterogeneous catalysts?

via WebEx video conference

Meeting-ID: 121 740 7776
Kenncode: JJmFAWYi328

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Her Research Activities:

Scientific and technical experiences

  • Application of physico-chemical methods for monitoring catalysts in status operandi (operando spectroscopy: in particular EPR, UV-vis, Raman)
  • catalyst characterization
  • structure-function relationships in catalysis

Present main research topics

  • structure-function relationships of catalysts based on transition metal oxides and supported metals in transformations of hydrocarbons (selective oxidation, dehydrogenation, oligomerization)
  • simultaneous couplings of several operando methods for monitoring heterogeneous catalytic gas phase reactions
  • adaption of operando methods for liquid phase processes (homogeneous and heterogeneous) under elevated pressure
  • adaption of coupled in situ-methods for monitoring catalyst synthesis
  • catalytically active  transition metal centres in zeolites

The CRC cordially invites all who are interested to the lecture.