CataLysis – Joint Colloquium- Prof. Lilac Amirav

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Online Event
Virtual meeting platform

We are very happy to welcome within the Joint Online Colloquium Series of CRC 1333 with the CataLysis network:

Prof. Lilac Amirav 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Her research focuses on photocatalysis on the nano scale and related photophysical and photochemical phenomena. The group’s research is concerned with the design, synthesis and characterization of innovative multi-component nanoparticle heterostructures, tailored for photocatalysis and energy conversion. The laboratory’s cutting-edge synthetic effort is combined with fundamental research focused on the dynamics and mechanisms of photo-induced charge transfer processes, across the different components of the photocatalyst system and further into the solution.


The CRC cordially invites all who are interested to the lecture.

The meeting link will be announced internally within the network.
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