2021, May 12

CataLysis –CRC Networking Meeting

30.09.2020 - 01.10.2020

Online Event
Virtual meeting platform

CataLysis will bring together different German CRC-communities working within the field of catalysis.

Scientific Committee:
CRC 1333 (Stuttgart) “Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis in Confined Geometries”
CRC/TRR 247 (Duisburg/Essen and Bochum) „Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase“
CRC/TRR 234 (Ulm and Jena) „CataLight – Light-driven Molecular Catalysts in Hierarchically Structured Materials – Synthesis and Mechanistic Studies“

The online 1.5-day event will deliver focused research talks by established scientists as well as young researchers and will offer ample opportunities for scientific exchange and networking including a poster session.

This is an internal event of the participating CRCs. Only registered participants will get access to the online conference.

All members of CRC 1333 please register via sfb1333[at]  until 31. August 2020. PhDs/ Postdocs please include one poster abstract per project (Abstract template).

Please submit the posters as PDF file untill 15. September 2020 so we can upload them in time to the conference software. Please use the CRC template for the posters (see member area).