Milestone Presentation – Karina Abitaev A7

10:00 am – 11:00 am

via WebEx video conference
CRC 1333
Please find Webex Link below!

Karina Abitaev cordially invites all CRC 1333 members to her milestone presentation.

Title: From polymer nanoparticles towards nanoporous materials for catalytic applications: A SANS, SAXS and SEM study

The presentation will be held via Webex:


Project A07 – Polymeric foams and oxide-coated hybrid materials

Supervisor:                       Prof. Dr. Thomas Sottmann

Second Supervisor:        Prof. Dr. Frank Gießelmann

Milestone Presentations are an intermediate evaluation of the doctoral project that takes place approximately 18 months after the admission as a doctoral student.

It consists of an oral update and a subsequent oral technical discussion. The talk (30 min) and the oral technical discussion are held in the presence of the Supervisor(s) and an additional examiner (preferably the second supervisor).