Doctoral Defense of Shravan R. Kousik

On June 5, 2024, CRC 1333 doctoral researcher Shravan R. Kosuik, who worked in Project A05 and Seed funding project 1in the first funding period, has successfully defended his dissertation on “Nanostructured Oxide Materials as Catalyst Supoports for Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis under Confinement: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization”.

from left to right: CRC 1333 PI (first funding period)Dr. Petia Atanasova, Shravan R. Kousik, CRC 1333 PI (first funding period) Prof. Joachim Bill, Prof. Bettina Lotsch and Prof. Elias Klemm (both current CRC 1333 Principal Investigators)

Congratulations on this achievement from all of us at the CRC 1333! We wish you all the best for the next steps in your career, Shravan!