2021, May 12

ELN – Chemotion

How to use the CRC 1333 – Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN): Chemotion

  • Make sure to work from a computer at the University of Stuttgart or use a VPN.
  • Vist to sign up for an account:

The abbreviation you choose has to be identical with your naming convention for the analytical data! This cannot be changed afterwards! Please use an abbreviation with at least three characters to reduce the risk of another person using the same abbreviation.

DO NOT log in via the general chemotion webpage (looks similar)!! Your data would then not be on our server!

  • You can now log in to your electronic lab notebook at
  • For a video introduction to chemotion you can visit

Naming convention for analytical data:

We will step by step integrate an automatic synchronization of analytical data with the ELN-server. Thereby, analytical data will be automatically uploaded to your Chemotion account as soon as you measure a sample named with your personal abbreviation. It will then pop up in your account and you can then easily “drag and drop” the analytical data to your experiment.

To use this functionality, it is mandatory to start the name of the analytical data with the chosen abbreviation followed by “-” e.g. ABC-R13-A

Also Non-CRC 1333 members from University of Stuttgart are very welcome to use Chemotion. Please let us know if you are interested, so we can adjust our storage quotas accordingly.